Battery back up for outdoor camera

I have bought a wired floodlight camera and looking at buying a stick up camera wired.

Can these be made to have battery back up should powercut occur, or is it better to buy the battery version of the stick up and then buy a plug for it


Hi @ChrisT2. The Stick Up Cam (3rd gen) can be powered by battery or plug-in. The version you purchase (Stick Up Cam Battery or Stick Up Cam Plug-In) just denotes which power source will be included in the box, but they are both the Stick Up Cam (3rd gen) and are compatible with both power sources. You can put a battery into your Stick Up Cam Plug-In to act as a backup power source. However, this does not apply to the Floodlight Camera. The Floodlight Cam cannot be powered by a battery, it must be hardwired.