Battery and Solar SpotLight Cam PRO

2022 SL Pro = SpotLight Cam Pro PLUG IN Model can take 1 or 2 Rechargeable Battery Packs.

I’ve called in 3x and Ring Staff States using the Plug In Power source for the Camera will keep Batteries Charged. All online states that is not correct !
Plan is to have batteries added for power outage or as Back up only (always powered by Factory Power Cord USBc wall plug in the Pro Plug in model came with)

  • on amazon app from the SL cam to avaiable accessories it states Ring Battery packs are Not Compatible with the SL Cam PRO

  • Ring Website page it states you must Remove battery pack(s) plug a USB Into the pack charge 5-10 hours til the bat pack LED is Green then reinstall the Battery packs .
    ***Ring app video by clicking the Blue ? Mark has Old SL Cam in the video & Must manually remove batteries & charge them!!! See attached Screenshot .

I need confirmation batteries do not need to be removed and long as “Factory Plug in Cord” remains plugged in it will keep battery(s) charge if needed in the event power loss or outage occurs Battery kick in & keep the Lights & motion Recording going :slight_smile:

*** I assume if you Get a Solar panel for the SL Pro model the solar panle USBC plugged into the SL Pro Camera must charge the batteries & the camera runs of battery power only. I would love this Wireless security option . but need tbis confirmed also.

Please attach pictures & a link which confirmed Batteries are actually Charge in the SL PRO cam without Being Removed !

Sorry this is so long & wordy

Hi @EcoDieselDave. Although there are no pictures or links I can provide, I did reach out to my team, and they confirmed the battery packs should be trickle charged when using the plug in cord on the Spotlight Cam Pro. Also, thank you for bringing this to my attention as well. I will look into seeing if there is an article that can be made and put in our Help Center regarding this topic.

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They do trickle charge Yes

I bought a couple batteries, so they should do the same being powered by the Ring solar panel.

however the battery percentage does not update until the USBC power cord is removed or there is a power outage essentially.

Now I’m confused as to which solar panel is needed, the medium one that comes as a pacakge or the super solar panel.

Seems the Super Solar panel would be restricted trickle charging.
I been told that the solar NEVER powers the camera.
Solar only recharges the battery
Battery powers the camera

However when using USBC Power on the SL cam pro all works correctly,
When in battery power it reduces the LED lights power, time they can run, recording length, motion detection options etc… Reduced power mode "optimized to extend battery life "

So can you tell me which solar panel & why

Also clarify the Battery only powered & chanrging

PS solar panels & other accessories on amazon pop up saying NOT compatible with the SL cam Pro recently purchased

Screenshots for reference

Justin you are quite the professional thank you

@EcoDieselDave The main difference between a Solar Panel and a Super Solar Panel is size and the amount of charge it can provide. There are neighbors with Cameras that are way more active than others, and a regular Solar Panel trickle charge was not able to keep up with how fast the battery was draining. As a result, the larger Super Solar Panel was made available to neighbors with Cameras in high-traffic areas. In addition, the Super Solar Panel requires fewer hours of direct sunlight to function.

The newer Solar Panels have a USB-C cable to plug into the Spotlight Cam Plus and Spotlight Cam Pro. The original solar panels, like the ones mentioned above, have a barrel plug, which is why it mentions they are not compatible with the newer Camera models. We did release a part to remedy that circumstance, the Barrel Plug to USB-C Adapter. It allows you to connect the barrel-plug Solar Panel and Super Solar Panel to a new USB-C Spotlight Camera. I would also recommend using our or Help Center pages when looking into Ring products.

I wish I would get a notification or email when You or someone replies . Have the watching Set for this

I just bought a few SL cam Pro battery with solar panels, & super solar panels however NONE of them have USBC cord have old barrel plug . did i get old Stock I assume ?

One would think when sold as a package with the SL Pro sep 2022 release they’d include the adaptor cable & or Make certain its the USBC corded panel

The Super Panels I bought as well were NOT USBC

Do they make a USBC corded SUPER Solar Panel ?

Should you always use 2 Batteries with Super Solar Panel?

Can you confirm that SL Cam is ONLY powered by Battery = Panels only charge Battery itself ? Never power the camera, the batteries power the cam only

Do the Panels Have Batteries in them also ? Or do they only Create trickle charging power?

Does the super solar panel Charge at the same rate as a USBC cord plugged into a wall outlet or USB Port?

I have gone thru all help articles, Searched Internet like crazy & these clear answers are never included , they keep things simple & sales orriented which I suspect is the purpose.

Can you list out what is Restricted on these SL Cam Pro’s when ran on Battery power/solar only.
I see the lights wont stay on per a schedule, lights stay Dimmed, recording time looks to be reduced. Snapshot max is 5 minutes vs 30 seconds
What else is effected or turned off?

Youre expertise is very appreciated , you know 10x more than staff when I have called in to get answers. I get wrong information often on the simplest things . for example the $20 Ring angle Mount the plastic wedge does NOT work with SL PRO only the old SL Cam , so now I have $200 in wedge mounts to return & don’t have a simple plastic mount that attaches to the Pro for mounting under a soffit or a ceiling overhang

Last question the USBC Power source plug in or panel is on the Back & at an angle how these mount. Are they certain its water Weather proof when snow Ice rain land & sit in these cams outdoors exposed

Thanks again Sir I really hope you answer all this last time