Battery and Solar Panel

I bought a Stick Up Cam with a Solar Panel a month ago, I have already had to recharge the battery 2 days in a row because the Camera wont work. Right now, the battery is at 0% and as soon as the sun goes down, the camera turns off and wont record or send me notifications. I want to know why the battery is draining so fast and if the solar panel is not working correctly? The point for the solar panel is to keep the camera charged at all times isn’t it? Please someone help, thank you!

Hi @nava_chira! The best experience with battery life is obtained from fully charging the battery and getting several hours of direct sunlight to your Solar Panel. The Solar Panel is intended to apply a charge to the battery, but will not be used for operation of the Camera. The Camera will aways utilize the battery to power and function, and the Solar Panel will be most effective when the battery’s beginning charge is 100%. Try monitoring your battery levels to see how this goes.

Feel free to also check out our Community post for tips on maximizing your battery life. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: