Battery always at 100%

I have a Video Doorbell 2. Had it for 10 months. In all that time, the battery has never gone below 100%. Can I assume that since I have it wired into my doorbell chime (it operates my doorbell chime just fine), that circuit is keeping my battery charged? If it does that, then I apparently failed to notice that info when I installed it. Thought I would have to recharge the battery eventually.

Please verify this is normal with a Video Doorbell 2. Or is there something amiss with my battery charge indication?

Hi @DrMLap. If you have your Ring Video Doorbell hardwired to your home, the electricity in the doorbell circuit is keeping your Doorbell charged. This acts a a trickle charger and maintains the battery level of your Doorbell. The Doorbell is still operating off of the battery, the battery is just constantly being charged. I hope this answers your question.

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