Battery Alerts In App

I am not getting alerts on my phone for low batteries. How do I enable this?

I have an android phone.

Is this working for iOS users?

Hi @pohlcat01. Have you made sure your app is the most up to date? This is a great place to start, or to reinstall the app. Once you’ve removed the Ring app, rebooted your device with the app (turn it off/on), and then reinstalled the app, you can monitor your notifications from there to see if you get the low battery alert. Please be aware that this alert pops up on your notification bar once there are a few events triggered and the battery has fallen below around 15%. Hope this helps! :smiley_cat:

I’m having the same issue. My app is up to date and I am using an Android device. How is this feature not available?

My phones have always auto updated apps so they are ususally up to date.

I did uninstall and reinstall as requested. However, this is still not working. I do not recall it working on my last phone either. I just got a new one over christmas.

Where do you see the alerting options? Because I cant find this setting anywhere.

Had a camera completely die, no alert on my phone at all.

Doorbell just went low. got the email, not the alert on my phone.

Does anyone know how to enable/fix battery alerts in the app??

I am having this issue too! The battery icon under the device setting shows it is fully charged yet I got a warning within the app that the battery was critically low and got no alert, either text, email or warning icon to indicate the battery was dead! Using Android app on Samsung Galaxy 8+

At least you got an alert. I get nothing at all.

All my batteries have died twice since I perfomed the recomended actions in this thread, still no alert for any of them…
1 went offline for a while the battery was so dead, no alert for that either. so frustrating. Glad nohting happened while the battery was dead and not recording.

Yeah, same problem. I replace my battery weekly at this point, switching back and forth between two, because they are constantly dying on me and never send any form of notification for low battery…

Any Idea when this will be fixed?? Still not working…

Same here. Looking for a reliable notification on my phone also.

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I’m experiencing the same issue. Ring Doorbell 2, Galaxy S20+.

My battery was dead for almost a week before I noticed.

I made sure all alerts are enabled in the app. The battery died again today and I only found out when someone told me they rang the doorbell and got no answer.

I’m not even getting email alerts for low battery.

My Android phone and Ring app are up to date, after reading this article I went ahead and reinstalled the app and only time will tell but I got on this kick this morning when I discovered that my battery, AGAIN, was down to 6% and nothing was recorded since 1130AM yesterday!!! I would REALLY appreciated getting notifications that any of my batteries are down to 15%!!