Basic questions about tech specs

I’ve found the website hopelessly vague and would greatly appreciate input!

I’m trying to figure out if there’s any chance the Protect plans + hardware could work with my mountain home in the boonies of Colorado.

Our only wifi comes from a boosted Verizon LTE cell signal, which we convert to wifi using MiFi devices. That boosted cell signal is also the ONLY cell signal in the area. Of course I have the specs for the particular cellular bands we are boosting and their quality.

  1. What bands does the Alarm Pro Base Station need for cellular backup? It seems like it’s not using satellite.

  2. There is no modem to plug into. I can’t figure out if this makes the Alarm Pro Base Station incompatible with our setup (website text is conflicting). My impression is that the regular Alarm Base Station could still work on our existing wifi, but the Pro Base requres a modem.

I’m obviously new to Ring, haven’t bought anything yet, and am still sorting out the different plans and products. All advice welcome.

  1. No, an internet connection is all you need for the Pro Base station. If that means it plugs into your Modem which provides the internet connection, or if you are using a WiFi connection.

Hi @elk_vibes. Have you considered the Ring Alarm from Verizon? This unit utilizes Verizon LTE for the cellular backup, in the event there is a lost WiFi connection. You can learn more about this Base Station here. Also, the Ring Alarm Pro Base Station is a Eero 6 WiFi router, so it’s best to plug it in directly to an internet router.