Basic plan for Ring Alarm in Quebec


I found at our HomeDepot, we can buy the Ring Alarm kit which is great since we can’t directly from the website.

I’m aware the protection plan “professionnal” is not available in QC but I cannot found any information about the basic.

I’m simply looking for an alarm who can send me notification on my phone when the alarm is triggered. I don’t want any link to a call center or what ever.

The basic plan is 60$/year for the notification, which is quite interesting. But is this can be purchased if I live in Quebec?

Even the support always say no for the professional monitoring and when I ask for the basic, they answer the same thing again and again.

Anyone knows if this work?


Hi @MrPhil. As you can see here, the Ring Alarm is not available for Quebec. If you chose to Self-Monitor at your own risk, you can find information on Self-Monitoring here.