Basic door sensor question

Hi everyone,

I have a basic question about a door sensor.

I’ve had other security systems in the past. I simply used to set the alarm “away” on my way out, and within 60 seconds I had to leave the building.

Or when I entered my house while the system is armed, I’ve had 15 seconds to enter my code.

With Ring, alarm immediately starts to blare when I enter an “armed” house.

I also cannot leave my house while it is on a countdown mode to “armed”. Alarm immediately starts to go off when I open the door to get out.

There should be a VERY simple solution to this, but I can figure out.

Please note that I also have motion sensor and indoor camera near the door and I’m not sure if they have to be adjusted. As far as I can tell, the door sensor is triggering the alarm.

Thank you


In the app, go to the menu (three lines in top left), Settings, Modes, Home. In there is entry and exit delay… repeat process for Away mode if you wish…

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Also go the sensor itself, tap the gear for settings>Placement

It needs to be main door, not secondary

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Thank you, but that wasn’t it. I just checked and noticed that I already placed a 30 seconds delay.

I guess this is it! It was indeed marked as a secondary door, beacuse it was on my back door. I have two panels on both front and back door, and both doors have sensors. I thought I should mark the back door as “secondary”. Apparently I was wrong. I’ll test it tomorrow when I’m at my store.


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