Basic Configuration

I currently have one stick up mains-powered camera that I have connected to the Android app - I have two more on order which has already shipped.

My desired configuration is this:

  • When the Home mode is activated it should record all motion but not send a notification of motion.
  • When Away mode is activated it should record all motion and send a notification.
  • When Disarmed mode is activated it should not record and should not send any notification.

It doesn’t seem to matter what I select in modes or the camera - it either reports all motion constantly or not at all - even in Disarmed mode. The apps UI/UX is honestly terrible and I cannot understand if this very basic configuration is achievable for such an expensive camera system.

Please, can someone tell if this is possible, and if so - how?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @KieranT. This Help Center article here will explain Modes for Cameras and give you a proper understanding of what each Mode does.You can also setup a Motion Schedule to pause notifications for specific times of day. I hope this helps!