Base station

Am I suppose to have a base station for just the ring doorbell? My night vision also stop working…

Hey @Katnimmons. You will not need a Ring Alarm Base Station to have your Ring Video Doorbell work. You can have both if you wish to have a Home Security System with your Video Doorbell though! It’s up to you. If the night vision on your Ring Video Doorbell is not working, is the video black and white but very dark, or is it not black and white? If it’s black and white and too dark, the night vision is working, but you may need external lighting to help it out! For any chance that it’s not black and white, try shining and flash light in front of it for a few seconds at night time, and then pull the light away to see if this helps!

we have a light pole its black as night with the light on???
this is why I purchased this product. So I could clearly see who was thieving in our neighborhood. I totally feel ascthough we have been ripped off.

@Katnimmons Have you reached out to our support team with this concern? Feel free to show me what your Live View looks like, and I can better gauge if the night vision seems to be working or not. It sounds like you may need our support team to take a deeper look into this though.

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