Base Station will not Reconnect After Power Outage

I have had several power outages in the base week, each for 1-2 seconds. This is enough of an outage that all electricity in my house goes out and everything reboots. Once power is restored and everything is back online, all my other internet devices reconnect, both wired and Wi-Fi. This includes all my Alexa devices, ring doorbells, Sonos speakers, iPhones, laptops, router, TV, etc. However, the Ring Alarm Base Station stays on backup cellular power and never reconnects to the internet through the router even after power is restored. My Base Station is hardwired into the router via an ethernet cable.

The Base Station does not appear to be pinging the router to see if power and an internet connect are restored. So, my questions for the engineering team are:

  • Is this behavior by design? I understand (and like) that the Base Station switches to cellular backup when there is a power outage. But isn’t it suppose to try to reconnect once power is restored?
  • If the Base Station is supposed to try to reconnect to the network, how often does this happen? For example, does it poll the router every 5 minutes?
  • Are there internal settings on the router than I need to enable? For example, do I need to allow internal network ping requests on a particular port from the Base Station to the router?
  • I have not yet signed up for the monitoring service. Would this make any difference to the Base Station being able to reconnect on its own once power is restored?

I am in the process of switching over many of my devices to Ring, but this situation is raising some concerns. I want to have confidence that if I have power outages, the Ring Alarm Base Station will reconnect to the internet without manual intervention always being required.

Great questions @Chillbill! You’ll be happy to hear that your Alarm Base Station will reconnect automatically. When your Alarm system is running on cellular back up, it will limit certain functions to maximize battery backup life and prioritize emergency signals and armed modes. This means it will check in every so often for the network. If your Base Station does not reconnect right away, wait a moment or you can even attempt a power cycle to initiate the connection attempt.

Keep in mind, the Cellular Backup is only available with the Protect Plus plan. Without the Protect Plus plan, there is only battery back up, in which you could get a wifi router with battery backup as well. I hope this answers your questions! :slight_smile:

Ring customer support fixed the issue for me. I just had to repair the Alarm Base Station to my ethernet network connection. Now it works as expected following a power outage. I tested it, and it recovers to cellular backup mode, then within a few minutes re-establishes the network connection.

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