Base Station vs separate wifi mesh system

Hi, I’m moving to a new house, 3000 sq ft, 2 floors, 4 people.

  • I have the Alarm Pro Base Station from pervious house, plan to add outdoor & indoor cameras and some Alexa devices.
  • We stream a lot of content from services such as Netflix and Hulu

Is it better to use base station eero and add extenders or create a separate wifi mesh system?

Hi @Brian81261. It’s hard to give a definitive answer, as there’s always going to be various factors that effect wifi performance in any given setup. I’d suggest trying out the intended setup first, which is for the Ring Alarm Pro Base Station to replace your router. You can add in eero extenders around the home to cover all of your devices. It may take a bit of trail and error with placement of the extenders.

It’s also important to ensure your internet plan provides sufficient speeds for the amount of devices you have connected. With multiple Ring Cameras, as well as multiple streaming devices in the house, you’ll need enough download and upload speed. If you find that this setup doesn’t work, you can then always try a separate wifi mesh system. We have some information on the different options for setting up your Alarm Pro Base Station here.

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