Base Station Volume

The base station is online, but the volume is at the lowest level. Though it appears to be set to the highest level on the app, it is actually at the lowest level when testing the siren.


Hey @dwuethrick! Good call on checking the volume setting in the app, however, your Alarm Siren should always sound at max volume. The Base Station volume setting in the app is for the chirp and other sounds. I recommend reaching out to our support team for a more in-depth look, if you feel the Siren is not sounding at full volume.

Is the volume on the base station adjustable? At maximum volume how mant decibels?

The siren volume is not adjustable. I measure it to be ~ 105 dB standing about 2 feet from the unit. There is a volume adjustment for the base station, but that refers to the volume of sounds, such as the beeps when a sensor is breached. For example, when you have the system disarmed and you open a door or window with a contact sensor you will hear an audible tone from the base station. That volume is adjustable.

My base station siren became quiet. I tried to adjust it using the slider in the base station settings. I was told that the siren is not adjustable. So, if this is happening to you, as it has happened to some others I have seen on this forum, contact Ring customer support.