Base Station Remote Access on Battery

Sorry if this has been posted before.

When my base station is disconnected from external power, and running on battery it seems after 21 minutes that it disables remote access via the app. The system stays operational locally but says offline when I view via the app.

All of my networking equipment is running on a UPS so in the event of a power outage I still have network connectivity.

Is this a bug? Something I can disable?

Thanks for taking a look.

Hey @User_User, are you subscribed to our Ring Protect Plus Plan? If you are an active subscriber, you will be able to have more functionality with the Ring app and your Base Station in this situation. When you have the Ring Protect Plus Plan active on your account, it includes Cellular Backup that is provided by the SIM card built into your Base Station. When your power goes out and your Base Station is no longer able to communicate via wifi or ethernet, with Cellular Backup, this is what will help keep it online and functioning for Remote Access.

When the base station starts using battery backup, after about fifteen minutes have passed, the Base Station is going into battery backup to conserve it’s energy. During this time, it will also kick in the Cellular Backup if there is a plan included. These two backups working together will help keep the Base Station online, functioning, and allowing you to still arm and disarm remotely. You can learn more about this in our Ring Help Center Article here. Please note that the preservation of battery life dims the LED’s, powers down WiFi/Ethernet and generally dials back power usage. Any signals from the sensors will still make it back and emergency signals will still get sent via Cellular Backup if you have the Protect Plus Plan and Professional Monitoring is enabled in the app. If you do not have a plan, your Base Station will not allow remote access when in Battery Backup and will only be able to be armed/disarmed from the Keypad. Hope this helps clear it up for you!