Base Station "registered to another account"

I’ve been with ring almost ten years. From the doorbell to now expanding into cameras for my kids’ rooms, and finally a gen1 security system, which I’ve used for years up until DEC 2020. I moved away and left my equipment in my home when I changed locations for work.

I just moved back and was setting up my equipment again. The renters who lived here actually took down all the security/alarm equipment and put it in a basket in a closet. (Base station, 2xKeypads, motion sensors)

I’ve got my doorbell and cameras up and running. I am trying to add the base station and begin setting up the alarm again. When I hit “pairing” on the base station, I connect to wifi, but it says it’s registered to another account.

It’s weird, because the base station is up and running, and connected to my wifi; the door sensors even chime when I open a door. The system is connected and running. I just cannot access it on my ring app or “add it” to my “account.”

Half hour spent on the phone with Ring Support, and they wanted me to provide “a lease” (?) as well as show home ownership. I sent a copy of my mortgage statement.

I bought this equipment. After a half hour, support simply says they reached out “to the team” and unfortunately they cannot release the base station. What is going on? About to jump ship.

the device might be still setup on the renters account (?), try to check if you have duplicate address on your account

I have one address on my account. The app is telling me the base station is registered to another account. I can’t see who/where/what that account is. Other than support on the phone telling me I had to provide a lease (they didn’t specify or couldn’t specify what exactly that meant) and proof of home ownership of the address listed with the account. I was able to do the latter, but I don’t have a “lease” because we’ve used a property manager in the past, and their firm handles leases.

The tenants are gone. This is equipment I purchased. It’s in my home, that I own. The MAC address, if listed on another person’s “account,” should be released back to me.