Base Station Power Supply - DIN Rail PSU

Is it possible to power the Ring base station from a DIN rail PSU?
Not bought a system yet but looking into the possible configuration
I have a spare slot on a DIN rail enclosure used to house a 24v bell transformer (off the lighting circuit)
Looking at the mean well HDR-15-5 AC/DC 5V, Specs - 5V 2.4A 12W
has any one had any success with alternative PSU from the standard plugin supplied?

so i just rang RIng tech support to see if they could answer the about question only to be told that the base station needs a 5v ac supply?
went to look on online and from the literature i have seen so far its a AC/DC psu with an output of 5V DC 2.5A 12.5

Can anyone confirm if the base station power supply to the unit needs to be (not supply to the plug in transformer, but from) 5V DC or AC?


Hi @KiltedYak13. I can confirm that the Base Station does need the supplied power adapter in order to function. This power adapter also keeps the battery for Cellular Backup charged, in the event of a power outage. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the reply, guessing no one has tried an alternative PSU. Shame as i that will make placing more problematic or new socket.

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Hi @KiltedYak13, did you ever get an answer to this. Going to be fitting mine tomorrow and want to do exactly the same thing. Why dont they every put the transformer in the unit itself??? cant stand the cable showing so wanted to achieve this as well by routing cable behind wall and into din rail. I find it fascinating that all the marketing photos for amazon made products NEVER show the cable, looks lovely on the wall till you have a trailing cable and transformer in plug socket!!! thanks