Base station power cord replacement

Does anyone know if there is a compatable power cord for the base station that can be bought on Amazon (2day shipping) ? Our base station is not getting power after our electricity flickered off and on the other day. Outlets is not the issue.

I contacted ring and they are sending a replacement, but 7-10 days is a LONG time to not have an alarm given none of our sensors,CO2 or smoke detectors are working due to the base station being out. I caretake for my grandmother though the week and my fiance works 3rd shift.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

The good news is your smoke/co sensors have their own built-in sirens so you are still protected/warned in case of fire even without the base station operational.

Hi @Klcamp10. We can’t recommend any third party power cords or power adapters for the Ring Alarm system as we can’t guarantee that they will work correctly or that it is an official Ring device. If you have built-in smoke and CO2 detectors that were in your house prior to installing your Ring Alarm system, those will still function as normal but I know you are worried about not receiving the alerts via the Ring App if you have a Smoke and CO2 Listener. With that said, I still recommend waiting for the official replacement power cord so you don’t risk damaging your Base Station.

Thank Brad! That is good to know for future use, but it won’t be helpful if we are not home and something occurs. I appreciate your help!

Thanks Caitlyn, it’s just really unsettling that we are not protected overnight and nobody is at home at night due to work schedules and caretaking. Detectors don’t help if a fire department isn’t called in the event of an emergency and nobody is home.

All of our items were purchased directly through ring just a little over a year ago and now we are unprotected due to a faulty piece of equipment. I’ve seen several threads and this seems to be a common problem that others have faced. I understand that malfunctions happen that are out of anyone’s control, however to offer to replace a critical component for your whole system to work and to ship it standard shipping via USPS when we all know what is happening with delays to mail right now is disappointing to say the least.

The lady I spoke with was nice enough to offer to expedite the request, but I have a feeling that was a lie as I have yet to receive a shipping notification and It’s been almost 3 days now. This is our first interaction with ring in regards to an issue, and I am thoroughly disheartened with the result.

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