Base station notification - Contact sensor set to off but alarm still going


I have a contact sensor on my french doors. I have turned the “Open alerts” and “Closed alerts” to “OFF”. However the base station is still making a noise when the door is opened or closed!

Advice appreciated.


Is there someone from the support team that can help on this?


Doesn’t look like i’m going to get any responses - maybe something others haven’t experienced.

I will need to escalate as no-one from support is commenting - anyone advise on how to do that?

Hi @CCRing. The Ring Community is a public from where neighbors can interact with one another. It is not an instant chat, and we are not a direct line to the support team. The Open Alerts and Closed Alerts toggles are for the push notifications on your phone. To silence the chirp tone for a specific Contact Sensor, tap on the Chirp Tones tile and select None as the sound, then hit Save.

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@Caitlyn_Ring amazing - thanks very much

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