Base Station not working, can´t communicate with tech support

My base station went offline for a couple of days. It had happened before, but turning the wi-fi off and on fixed the issue. This time, it didn´t and the blue light for bluetooth pairing wasn´t blinking either. I tried to do reset, but the issue continued. I found it might be something related to the battery so I disconnected the battery for a few minutes and put it back in. It didn´t work either. The lighting bolt on the side is currently red, it won´t let me pair the base station, the blue light on top is off and it is still showing up offline on my phone. I’m from Costa Rica which means I had to make an international call to the UK for support, but the call quality wasn´t great and I wasn´t able to communicate with the agent. I asked for a tech support e-mail but I was told me only tech support can give me one.
I’ve googled the issue and it says it might be:

  1. A battery issue, since power outages might make the battery drain faster (power outages have been common in my area for the last months)
  2. A problem identified in some devices. Some people have received a new base station for this.

I’m looking for a fix or at least a tech support e-mail or WhatsApp, since I’ve had no luck with international calls.

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi @Carolina_Espinoza_Madriz. The only way to get in touch with our Ring Alarm support team is via phone. There is no email or chat option. Here on the Ring Community, we can assist with basic troubleshooting tips and tricks. More in-depth issues, such as this one, would require the guidance of our support team to ensure all troubleshooting steps are done correctly. You can try our worldwide number, +1 310 929 7085, to see if that works better.

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Thank you, Caitlyn. I believe this is the same number I called inicially. I´ll give it another try and let you know!

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Hi! Just giving you an update! I was able to call the international number and unfortunately, the agent told me my base station is faulty. I’m purchasing a new base station soon but I’m worried about my other devices since they were previously paired to the faulty base station. Should I be worried about it?

Hi @Carolina_Espinoza_Madriz. I am happy to chime in. If your faulty Base Station was paired with your other Alarm pieces, it would not have a negative affect on them. Do not worry.