Base station not showing GSM signal


Today I unplugged my base station for an hour as I needed the plug for something else. I noticed I got a notification saying base station on back up normally I also get a message via the app that is working on GSM back up. This did not happen today.

When I checked on the app under devices the base station is not showing anything for GSM (It used to show GSM signal). Is there a problem with the service today? I do pay for the motoring plus service. Photo attached.

Any advice greatfully received. I should mention I am based in the UK.



Photos attached.

Hi @jlo31! It sounds like you may have only lost power connection to the Base Station and not to your router. This means that your Alarm will run on battery backup, but should remain connected to your wifi if available.

If you are certain there was no wifi connection at the time, then cellular backup should have also enabled. While you should receive an alert or notice of this, your Alarm event history in the Ring app will also reflect events such as battery backup, cell back, and other Alarm events.

Something to keep in mind is that, when on battery backup, the Base Station will remain connected to your network (if available) for 15 minutes and then will go into a power preservation mode and automatically switch to cellular backup to maximize the 24 hour potential for battery power. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: