Base Station not making noise & keypad not working

So today I noticed that there is literally no sound coming through my base station. I accidentally opened the door and motion sensor set off the siren.

The siren only came through the keypad though.

I read through many topics and troubleshooting posts and have tried everything that people advised but nothing.

Also now my ring Keypad is not working, it will not light up & reset button does nothing. In the app it just says “waiting for network”

I have only it for less than 2 months. Does anybody have any advice? I bought it from Amazon and return period only lasted 1 month (expired last month 7th aug)

Hi @Brooker88. I suggest performing a reboot on your Base Station. Using a pushpin or paperclip, briefly tap (Do not hold) the reset button on the back of the Base Station. This will reboot the Base Station and cause it to update any firmware.

If your Base Station is still experiencing issues, you’ll need to reach out to our Ring Alarm support team. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.