Base station is stuck in cellular mode after ISP network bounce

My base station is stuck in cellular mode. I understand the method to fix this is to reboot using a quick click of the reset button. But I’m 800 miles away from this installation. Is there any other way to get it to reboot remotely?
My ISP bounced the service and the base station never figured it out when the network came back. The base is connected to the router via Ethernet. The power never went out.
Interestingly, I can ping the base station. I have a VPN connection to that network and pinged its 192.168.0.X IP and got 100% response.

Well, it spontaneously reconnected. I can’t say this upsets me, but how and why did it suddenly decide to touch the network and decide that it can reconnect.

Hi @dacracot. I’m glad your Base Station has reconnected to the internet. I can’t speak to exactly why it might have not been able to reconnect after the temporary outage, since we do not have access to any account or device information on the Ring Community. I’d suggest reaching out to our support team to get in touch with the Ring Alarm team. They can help take a closer look and perform any troubleshooting steps needed for your Base Station.