Base Station Internet Connection Issues

Hi, I’m a technophobe having difficulty setting up the base station. After pairing, I’ve tried repeatedly to connect to my home network via WiFi, but despite moving it next to the modem, and entering the correct password, the connection still fails. Any ideas, suggestions, etc.? Thanks.

at first blush I am offering that all that stuff is case sensitive.

You might try a cable first to see how that goes

Sorry, but I’m not following.

What stuff is “case-sensitive”? You mean my network password? Okay, but I’m pretty certain I’ve entered it correctly, including “case.”

Try a cable for what and where?

yes the ssid and password for the wifi

a cat5 cable from the base station to the router

Thank you, again.

It looks like cat5 cables are for Ethernet; shouldn’t I be able to connect using WiFi?

I was just suggesting cat5 to see if it even worked that way. But you cannot do both

you could try briefly pressing the reset with a clip if you are not getting anywhere

if that fails do a hard reset.

I suppose it would not hurt anything to reboot your wifi router

yes it should work with wifi

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