Base station going to cellular back up at the same time every day

Everyday for the last week, the alarm station reports “RING ALARM IS RUNNING ON CELLULAR BACKUP” at 12:40AM. About 5 to 10 minutes later it reports “CONNECTION WAS RESTORED TO RING ALARM”. The base station is hardwired with ethernet, nothing has been changed on the network, and nothing else is reporting a loss of connectivity. Any suggestions?

Hi neighbor! This should definitely not be happening. Being that this is happening at the same time, please check any smart outlets or network settings that might be set to update, refresh, renew, or reset at this time. While you may not have made any changes to your network, a router update can certainly introduce new settings or default old ones.

Try also connecting your Base Station via Ethernet if possible, as this will always be the most dependable connection. If these steps do not improve your experience, our support team is always available for more in-depth troubleshooting! :slight_smile:

Kinda the same issue going on, system has been in for 1 week, all good up until 2 days ago. Multiple times switching from online to cell backup. Rebooted hub and my FIOS gateway router, told by Ring support to observe for one more day.?