Base Station enters Cellular Backup daily

For the last week or so the Base Station notified us of it going into cellular backup despite wifi being stable and available. We have gig wifi and use the eero mesh network. Base station is connected via wifi and sits 2’ from an eero device (my point is the problem is not the wifi). What is the resolution to this issue? My understanding is that non cellular backup there is limited functionality to the overal security monitoring of household devices. This is of great concern. No, I will no longer be resetting the base station every time this happens. That is not an appropriate resolution to this issue.


Also, is there a class action related to this already? If not, happy to oblige the kickstart of one.

Hi @Mikec16. This is not how a Base Station should operate. This concern is more than likely caused by some sort of network configuration. As a test, try connecting your Base Station to a WiFi hotspot and see if the pattern of it falling offline continues. This will let you know whether your network is or isn’t the root cause. Additionally, since your Ring Alarm Base Station is so close to a Eero device, you may be able to connect this via Ethernet. Lastly, try moving the Base Station to a different location, as being too close to other electronic devices may be causing interference. Let me know how this goes for you.

I have the same issue not connected to my WiFi. Everything else in the house is still connected and works fine. The only device is the Ring Alarm. Tried to reset, tried to relocate. Still no resolution. I truly believe the alarm base is the issue.

Hi @Martinez421. At this point, I would recommend following up with our support team for further assistance. We can help with general troubleshooting tips and tricks on the Ring Community, while our support team can take a closer look into this.