Base station connection problems

My Ring base station recently lost it’s wifi connection and went to cellular back up. I have tried multiple times to get the connection back, even a full reset but it will never connect to either of my wifi networks. Signal strength looks good and I have verified all passwords, even did a full power off restart of my routers but no luck.

This is a recent development, last few days. Up to that point everything was good. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You must of changed your batteris on your divice?If so,Remove the batteries then placed them back in your RING.The device will start to turn white or blue,at this time hld the top button for 20 seconeds and use your phone close by the cam and select live view.

If your Cam is programed to turn off at different times,make sure thats corrected before you hook up the device.

Let me know if you have anymore issues.

If this is your cam and if it’s not wired you might have to remove your cam set it up in the house because your net speed is to slow.I bought some Ipads from comcast put them around the house and my net know reaches the entire house.

Im Im here a video for you