Base Station Chirps at Midnight

My Ring base chirps every night at midnight (actually exactly 12:01) for a few minutes. I have disabled chirps for all modes in the app. In consultation with Ring support I have also reset, rebooted and updated the firmware of the base.

What is the cause of this chirping and how can we make it stop.

This is a new behavior that started about 1 month ago though the system was installed over 2 years ago.

Hi @Norm27. If possible, can you please share a video example of what these chirps sound like? Are there any events in the Event History that correspond with this time? You may need to follow back up with support, given that you have already been working with them on this issue.

I will try. This will require that I stay up until midnight to catch the incident unless I can program my phone to start recording at just before midnight. Thanks for responding so far.

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