Base station and wi-fi question.


I’ve tried to look through the forum to see if this question has been asked before but could not find it.

Will the base station automatically attempt to connect to the strongest wi-fi signal available?

I ask because I’ve recently been told that you need to change the settings to stop this happeneing but I can’t find anywhere in the settings to allow you to do this. I’m a little dubious that this is the case because it seems like a security flaw if so but I thought it’s better to ask and look stupid than not ask and never know.

Our home base station is connected to our router with an ethernet cable and the connection is set as ethernet, which again makes me question if this is an issue.

Thanks in advance


Hey @Justin9621. The Base Station will not automatically attempt to connect to a wifi network based on the signal strength. When connecting to wifi, it will only connect to the network you select and input the password for. Since your Base Station is connected via an ethernet cable, there’s no need to worry about any wifi settings. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile: