Base Station and Sonos

My Sonos speaker is less than a foot away from my base station and the Sonos keeps having issues staying connected to wifi. I’ve been dealing with Sonos support but they’re not coming up with anything other than diagnostics showing “wifi interference”. I have several other devices in the house and nothing else has any issues staying connected. Only thing I can think of is maybe the base station is too close to the Sonos. Has anybody else seen a scenario like this?

Hey @wpettus34. Are you referencing the Ring Alarm Base Station? The Base Station creates and operates on a Z-Wave frequency to all of your Alarm Devices, and then will connect to the router in order to send updates to your Ring app. The Base Station should not be causing any interference. To test this, your Base Station can be connected via wifi or ethernet, so if you have it hooked up wifi, plug it in somewhere else in the home to see if moving it helps the Sonos speaker connect.