Base station alarm duration

Hi there, apologies I’m new to Ring Alarms but could anyone tell me how long the base station alarm sounds for when an alarm is triggered? Or is this configurable? Whilst I appreciate it sounds in the interests of security, I would preffer the alarm to sound for a set period of time before being silenced, rather than it sound indefinately until such time it is disarmed. I wonder if that could be a feature request if it’s not possible? Many thanks in advance for the advice.

Hi @Nels! **When you sound the siren, you can still change alarm modes, and the siren will continue to sound. If you are sounding the siren in Home or Away Mode, switching to Disarmed mode will disarm the system and silence the siren. At this time, there is not a way to set or customize how long the siren sounds for, however, your Alarm siren will automatically stop sounding after 10 minutes if not disarmed or toggled off first. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: **

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Hi there, thank you for the advice, that’s really helpful and great to know. So to clarify, when the alarm sounds and no action is taken, it will silence automatically after 10 minutes. After that point does the alarm stay in whatever mode it was before it went off, (i.e. home/away etc) and the siren won’t go off again (unless of-course it’s triggered again). Does the 10min duration (if no action is taken to switch it off) also apply if the ‘panic’ alarm is triggered? Thanks for your advice.

Hi @Nels. Chiming in for Marley! Whenever the siren silences after 10 minutes, your Ring Alarm system will still be in an “Alarming” state until it is Disarmed from your Ring app or the Keypad. This siren duration time is going to be the same for the panic button feature as well, as triggering a panic signal will also trigger the alarm to siren. In the event that your alarm is still “alarming” but the siren has been silenced, if another sensor is tripped, it should not set off your alarm and start the siren again, as it is still in that “alarming” state.

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