Base Alarm

Is it possible to bypass the Base siren and have only phone alerts?

Hi @AJ24. If you’re willing to perform a bit of a work around, this could be possible! While there isn’t a way to silence the alarm sound at this time, you could increase the Entry and Exit delays you are given to allow you more time to disarm the Ring Alarm System. This is would ensure that your Alarm does not siren if you disarm it during the delay time frame. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the Ring app and go to the main menu at the top left

  • Select Settings and then Modes

  • You will need to click in Home and Away and adjust your Exit and Entry delay from there

  • Lastly, go back into Settings and then Alarm Alerts

  • From Alarm Alerts, make sure you have Entry Delay and Mode Updates turned on under Push

Doing these steps will ensure that you are able to have a longer time to disarm the Ring alarm and thus avoid the siren from going off. Additionally, if you are looking for no police dispatch with the siren going off, you can always swap to Self Monitoring under Settings at any time. Hope this helps!

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