Bakcup wifi

looking for backup wifi functionality ?
i mean I have my cameras connected to my home wifi. but sometimes the internet provider cuts internet for whole day for some kind of intervention.

is it possible to tell the cameras to connect to backup wifi when the main wifi is OFF, but of course to connecte back to the main wifi once available?

That would be a nice feature…

The only thing i can think of through Ring is their Pro alarm system that offers back up cellular for connected devices when power or internet are lost. Supposedly can do back up recordings as well?

But of course it’s not a cheap solution. You have to buy the Pro alarm and then pay for alarm monitoring. Also you are forced to use the built in Eero router, which poses it’s own issues and complications.

Or you could buy some, likely cheaper, cameras from another brand that has built in SD cards that will keep recording locally even when internet is out. Then you can check videos later.

Ring really needs to catch up with the competition regarding it’s camera functionality and video resolution…

Hi @makouda. As mentioned, you can use the Ring Alarm Pro for backup WiFi. You can learn about this here.

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