Bad Connection

Horrible signal with the ring doorbell 2. I have two floodlight cams, and an indoor cam as well as the alarm and contact sensors / motion sensors. I have some issues with the cams that I mentioned in another post…

I have not yet installed the doorbell 2… because the signal is way lower than any other device. I put it next to the chime pro extender it’s connected to and it gets -60… I put it next to the floodlight cam that is connected to the chime pro with a signal of -45, and the doorbell gets -65. At the door where I want to install it - it’s at a signal of -76. My indoor cam is in the shop… a seporate brick building probably 60ft away from the chime pro, and connects at -60. The main difference I can see is that the doorbell is the only device running off a battery… ? Is it typicall that this would have such a lower signal than the other devices? I’m looking at getting a 2500 sqft range extender in addition to the chime pro to see if I can get a better signal… but… it’s consistantly about 20 lower(higher?) than the other devices it’s next to when moving around… and like I said -60 right next to the chime pro when the chime pro has a -42 and the other devices connected to it are around -45.

Any advice or suggestions?