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Hello everyone. I’m thinking about upgrading to the Pro base station for my home because I like the idea of backup internet. What I need to know is how it works. I have a robust configuration here now. Modem->Firewall->Switch->Access Points. How is the backup internet provided to my network? If it’s just broadcasting WiFi on its own, that’s not very useful to me at all. I need it to be able to push data into my network, so ideally it has an ethernet connection that I can route to my firewall and disable any internal WiFi. My firewall can handle the fail-over on its own, but if not, it would have the same effect for the Ring to handle fail-over, I can make the changes on my firewall to accommodate that.

When your power goes out or network loses connection, the Ring Alarm Pro Base Station has backup options in place. During a power outage, the Ring Alarm Pro uses Ring Power Packs to stay powered on. Then, the Ring Alarm Pro uses a cellular connection to provide any Ring and non-Ring devices with wifi.

Note: your devices will not connect to Ring Alarm Pro Backup Internet if you do not have Ring Power Pack(s).

Learn more about 24/7 Backup Internet from our Help Center article.

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Appreciate the response, but you didn’t address my concerns.

Your Ring Alarm Pro is designed to be the primary router, or gateway, for your home. It should not be added to an existing wifi network. For steps and a visual walkthrough on setting up the Ring Alarm Pro Base Station, check out our Help Center article. and video below.

How do I use Ring Alarm Pro with eero Wi-FI 6 router | Ring

I hope this helps, and feel free to let us know if you have more questions! :slight_smile:

Marley_Ring, NJFLSailor has a serious concern and is tech adept enough to be a good customer. Ring should be addressing his concerns.

Ring, TMobile, AT&T and the others who supply combination modem/routers seem to think that we are all technically illiterate.

Come up with a solution for him, because I have the same issue and the reason I don’t yet own a Ring Alarm Pro is that I don’t have a way to use it with my pfSense firewall.

So, look at the number of pfSense firewalls that Amazon sells and realize that every one of those purchasers is not likely to be a Ring Alarm Pro customer until you find a way to accommodate us.

BTW, I haven’t given up, but putting the Ring Alarm Pro on its own subnet and yet making backup internet available to all my subnets seems to require some kludgey configurations

Phil Esterhouse

I have a Synology router that supports failover / load balance internet via a second wan interface.

I currently have a Verizon hotspot plugged in as a failover WAN device.

Can the Ring Pro device be set up to work the same way? Basically, if I sign up for Ring internet backup, is it connected to the cellular network? I would not use the Ring as WiFi router. If so then I can run an Ethernet connection from the Ring device to my wan backup port on my Synology router and have backup/load balance option?

Hi @jwp12. The Ring Alarm Pro uses a cellular connection to provide your Ring and non-Ring devices with wifi with the Backup Internet feature. It’s also important to note that the Ring Alarm Pro is designed to be used as a primary wifi router that connects to your existing modem. Using the Alarm Pro in other setups or configurations may prevent certain features from working, such as the Backup Internet.