Back door contact sensor not working

HELP !!! I have a Generation 1 security system and IV recently had a problem with the back door contact sensor not working saying it’s constantly offline.

I tried everything to get it working but nothing worked

So today I removed it and tried to reinstall but I’m not faced with 2 issues, firstly in the menu in my app it’s saying “waiting to connect to a network”

Secondly when I go into it and select “finish set up” to takes me to a page, getting started, that asks me to pull the tab on the back of the sensor but obviously that isnt there anymore as its not a new set up

It won’t let me do anything else so I’m stuck with it not working

Please help

Hi @user77133. I recommend factory resetting the Contact Sensor to see if that then joins your Base Station. This Help Center page will show you how to do so. If the Ring app is telling you to pull a tab, you can continue even though you did not pull the tab. If you have tried these steps and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call for further assistance.