Baby Monitor Mode

Ring developers,

Please allow live views to last longer then 10 min. Its very difficult using these devices as a baby monitor when it shuts off every 10 min. I don’t need it to record the whole time, just need to view it.

I can’t be the only one that needs this and it seems like a quick fix.



These cameras are not sold as baby monitors. You would be much better off with a camera that’s purpose is to be a monitor. Then you can always hear and see at all times. When my child was young we didn’t have the stuff they have today. It was only sound but it was on all night and we could hear any problems. The Ring cams are not meant to stream constantly and it only takes a minute if something was to happen.

I second that request! I’m currently using it as one, I just need to know if shes up or just moaning in her sleep… this does a great job of it! Baby monitors are overpriced for what they do. The key feature we need is to stop the stopping of the streaming. Everything else seems to work just fine.

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+1 also a crib is shown on the box, suggesting it could do this. I would not have bought 3 extra camaras (the indoor ones) if I knew this beforehand.

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This would be an outstanding feature and only require some additional programming. DO IT RING!


I agree! Please allow us to stream from a ring camera as long as we want.

Just as an FYI, the Amazon cloud cams will stay on until you stop. I am using the cloud cam now with Alexa as a baby monitor but would like to retire it since they are being discontinued I think.