Awful live view audio on stickup cam

What is this echo noise!!??? Only does this in live view! Will record sound but then cuts out and u don’t hear anything and then when it wants to it will make a high pitched screeching sound!

This is a feedback loop.
Your “Hello” is being recorded from your phone and sent to your device which is how it’s supposed to work, however, your phone is then picking up the “Hello” coming from the device and sending it again etc. It goes into a loop and ends up as a screeching sound.

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Hi @Tina1977. @Slyka is absolutely correct here. If you open the Live View in a different room, you’ll notice that you don’t get this feedback loop. Also, if you are in the middle of a feedback loop, you can tap on the microphone on your phone to turn it off and it cause it to stop because your phone is no longer transmitting audio.