Away mode why does the motion sensor have a count down to sound the alarm

For the motion sensor in the away mode why is there a count down and not an instant alarm?

I want to have this kind of set up just in case someone is able to come into the home without tripping any of the door and window sensors. I know that once the motion sensor is tripped and the alarm is in away mode, it will start the count down before sounding the alarm but I’m still looking to get an alert regardless. Can you assist?

You can, you just have to set up the motion sensor correctly.

Device > Alarm Base Station > (choose motion sensor) > Device Settings > Placement > Move to “Room”.

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Hi @blueforce22. Whether or not a Motion Detector or Contact Sensor has the Entry/Exit Delay applied to it depends on what Placement it is set as. Entryway and Main Door sensors will apply the Entry/Exit Delays, while the other options will trigger the alarm immediately. You can follow the instructions @user63814 shared to adjust the Placement of your sensors. :slight_smile:

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