Away Mode - Chirp On Entry

Is there a setting to have the base station and keypad chirp on entry delay during away mode, just like it chirps on the exit delay? I’ve looked and can’t seem to find anything that would enable it to chirp on entry delay. I just recently switched from Simplisafe and theirs chirped during the countdown to the alarm going off, which is what I would like to replicate with my Ring system.

Thanks for any help with this!

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Did you figure this out? We installed our system just over a week ago, and have also noticed that the keypad won’t chirp during the entry delay (but the siren definitely works!!). All my settings look fine, and the Help articles say that it will chirp during both delays. :thinking:

Well, never mind! It was actually a simple solution! When all else fails, I revert back to what we do at work when something isn’t working and it doesn’t make sense! Go in to change the settings, save, then go back in, and change it back to what it was before and save again. I did this with the entry delay timeframe on Away mode and also the Chirps option on the keypad (turned off and back on). Tested it in Away mode, and voila–chirps for all! :smiley:

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