Availability of Existing Product Variant

This question is a shot in the dark. I am interested in the hardwired version of the Pro model. As of now, you can provide your email to be notified once it becomes available. Given that the battery variant of this model has been shipping for some time, and that the hardwired variant of the previous model has also been shipping for some time, I conclude this is a deliberate decision to measure demand before offering the product.

I’d like to be wrong though I suspect I could be waiting for an indefinite period. Or that this variant of the Pro model is never offered. I post here in hopes of a more definitive answer though again I suspect knowledge of decisions like this are made well beyond the reach of forum participants.

Hi @Bruco. We do not have any additional information regarding the availability of the Spotlight Cam Pro Wired. Once it becomes available, you’ll receive an email if you entered your email address on the product page.