Auxiliary Light Control in Spotlight Cam (Hardwired) Turns Aux Light on Permanently

Our wiring is all whites to house white, Spotlight Cam black to house black, auxiliary light black to Spotlight Cam red wire. Manual triggering of the lights in the Ring app has not occurred. The auxiliary floodlight is on 100% of the time and NOT triggered by the motion detector in the Spotlight Cam. We had to unscrew the lightbulb to turn it off as it was still on at noon the next day after installation and setup. Can you help?

I have exactly the same issue with the one I just installed, did anyone answer you or did you find a solution ? thanks

For what is worth I found the solution with a tech on the phone, the cam was installed in the app as a Spotlight Cam WIRED instead of MOUNT. Once reinstalled as MOUNT there is an option in settings to control auxiliary lights, toggle it on and then it works

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