Automatically turn off notifications

Is it possible to set up the system so that the notifications turn off when I am home but then back on when I leave. I don’t mean the auto snooze because that will not turn the notifications back on when I leave the house.

I don’t want to have to snooze the notifications everytime I’m at the house and then make sure I remember to un-snooze them when I leave.

Hi @BennettRing. You could try using the Geofence Feature. You can learn more about this feature in this Help Center article here.

Unless I’m doing it wrong the geofence only lets you auto-snooze when you get home. Meaning if I come home the snooze feature will turn on for the set amount of time. So if I leave the house before that set amount of time is up then I have to remember to go into the app and turn the snooze off. Or if I’m at the house longer then the set amount of time then the notification will start up again while I’m still at home.

It’s become bothersome enough that I’m thinking of returning the entire system and finding a different alarm/security camera company to go with at my house.

Hi @BennettRing. Geofencing can used in conjunction with Modes for Cameras. Modes can be toggled on or off in the Ring app and devices will remain in that Mode until you change it. You can learn about Modes for Cameras here.

So the answer is no then

Hi @BennettRing. Correct. There is nothing that will automatically turn on/off notifications. This is only something that you can schedule or turn on manually.