Automatic siren triggering for Ring Stick Up Cam Outdoor

Dear community, I own a Ring Alarm Kit and 2 Stick Up Cams, installed outdoors. Can I automatically (!) trigger the siren of a Ring Stick Up Cams outdoor in case of motion detection? Has this been made available as a feature in the meantime? Or does the siren still has to be triggered manually in case of motion/danger? Thanks a lot for your reply, Christian

Hi @Christian2022. The siren on your Stick Up Cams will not trigger when the Camera detects motion. It must be manually activated, or linked to the Ring Alarm system via the Linked Devices feature. By linking the Stick Up Cams to your Ring Alarm, the sirens on the Cam can be set to go off when the Ring Alarm is triggered. You can read more about this feature in this Community post. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: