Automatic Siren Triggered by Motion NEEEDED!

Need to bump this topic again. I too had a car theft in my driveway WITH the camera warning notifications turned on. The theft was at 230am and I recorded the event but the criminal simply ignored the warning. I want the alarm to go off automatically and wake us up and the neighborhood in this case. We need to have this feature activated so we can schedule the alarm automatically by start/end time.

The notifications to the phone will not wake me up. I want the alarm to go off. How can we make this happen? This seems basic and the fact you have an outdoor alarm for the UK but not the USA tells me this feature could be available.

We create the “hot zones” today for motion detection it seems like an easy thin to be able to add a schedule to state when the alarm/siren should also be triggered when motion is detected.

Please enable this basic function.

Hi @FoCo_Family_Guy. This isn’t currently possible. Realistically, there isn’t a way for the camera to distinguish between a criminal and a person who is just a passerby. With the feature you are suggesting, if an animal or person walking trigger a Motion Event, it would cause the Alarm to sound, which would be unwanted. I will pass this feedback along for future reference as we continue to innovate for our neighbors.