Automatic Opt-In to Sidewalk

As if Amazon’s Totalitarian actions against Parlar were not enough, now Amazon acts like the CCP by automatically Opting-In Ring camera owners into a ‘surveillance state’ and helps themselves to my Internet Service, that I pay for.
How much longer do we need to wait for Amazon to start participating in assigning a Social Score to limit our Freedoms, like the CCP does to its citizens?
I have been a Ring customer since 2016. But now, this surveillance hack into one’s privacy and the free use of my internet services has caused me to decide that I have finally bought my last Ring device.
And soon, I will stop using Amazon all together.
It is past time for the retail Goliath, that is Amazon and Jeff Bezos, to no longer wield Government-like powers and just be a “footnote” in ‘commercial history’.

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With you. I have reached out to Amazon about their restrictions of freedom