Automatic Echo Show video on Ring motion alerts

I can get my Ring doorbell to automatically feed video to my Echo Show when there is a doorbell press, but how can I get the automatic video feed on a motion alert from the doorbell or spotlight cam? Motion alerts come up on the Echo Show, but there is no video unless I press more buttons. Is there a way to have the motion detection automatically display video on the Echo Show?

Hey @SteveNye. The recent update to the Ring skill is to allow the automatic Live View for ding events, but not motion events at this time. We are excited to worked out the integration for the automatic Live View for ding events, and have gotten feature about the desire to have this for motion events as well. I will make sure to pass on your feedback and want for this to the appropriate teams, but please note that motion events are unable to pull up the Live View automatically. You will need to ask Alexa to show you what is at that device in order to see the Live View from your Echo Show.

Is this only for Ring doorbells ?

I have a Ring Spotlight Camera (not doorbell) and an Echo Show 5 with latest firmware/updates. I can’t get the Echo Show to automatically display live view when the camera detects motion. The settings in the Alexa App are set to “announcement and live view” - and the Echo Show does make an announcement and will show live view if I ask it to with “Alexa, show front door” but I can’t make it automatically display when motion is detected. I have deleted/reinstalled apps and disabled/re-enabled the Ring skill.

Is it possible to automatically show live view on the Echo Show when the Ring Camera detects motion ?

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I have recently bought into the ring system , I am also a tradesman and installer of tech devices, I was surprised that motion detect does not automatically show /activate live view on echos, although still images are sent to android phone.
This is a necessary.