Automatic Echo 10 pop up screen

How can I get the ring camera view to automatically pop up on my echo show 10 when it senses motion. I don’t want to have to say Alexa show me the driveway camera, as it takes 7-10 seconds for to pop up after saying that. It should come up like the door bell does if somebody pushes the door button.

Hey @lfdorries. The Ring cameras are unable to automatically pull up the Live View at this time, but this feature has been recently added by Alexa for the Doorbells. Therefore, the automatic Live View will hopefully come to the cameras in the near future, but wanted to let you know that this is an option for the Doorbell at this time. When you do pull up the Live View, whether it’s automatically from a Doorbell or manually asking Alexa through a voice command, in some cases, your Ring device will need a little extra time to wake up. If your battery is low, it may take 30 seconds or more to connect to your Ring. Generally speaking, it seems the Live View will load for most neighbors in about 3-7 seconds, but it all depends on the connection your device has.

After doing some additional research for you, I saw a review from another neighbor here from Don G., which went into routines and how you can create one to see if it can automatically pull up the Live View for you this way. You can learn more about how to create a routine here as well.

Figured out how to get the video cameras to automatically pop up with the purchase of a echo dot. At least till ring gets a clue and pushes a update out that will do it. See the attached screen save on how to do it. Change the name from this device to echo dot. Just sit the echo dot behind your echo show. So she can hear it. Change the name on the dot to echo, so you won’t have both of them answering when you say Alexa. Then adjust the dot volume so Alexa can hear the dot.

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