Auto record length

Just installed a spotlight cam pro and was wondering about the auto record time length when a motion is detected. It’s set to “auto” as default which would be ideal, if it wasn’t only a maximum of 20 seconds in this setting. I have the option to set it to a fixed length (upto 120 seconds) but was a bit confused by the auto setting on my app. When I look on the help pages on rings website, it says that the auto setting will record as long as motion is detected, upto a maximum of 120 seconds. This would be perfect. But, on my app it says for auto that it will record as long as there’s motion, but only upto 20 seconds maximum. Is this correct? What’s the point of auto if it cuts off after a maximum of 20 seconds. It’s pointed at my back garden and down the side of my house where my driveway is. The recording isn’t even long enough to walk down the drive and through my back gate into the garden before it cuts off on auto, so that’s pointless. I have set it now to a fixed 120 seconds, but that means every motion event is recorded for 2 minutes even if it’s only a few seconds of motion. Auto upto 120s makes much more sense but unsure why my app doesn’t show this!?

Hi @djnr5. Some of the settings and options available will vary between devices, as they have different hardware and power sources. For the Spotlight Cam Pro, the Auto Video Recording Length will record up to 20 seconds or until motion stops. I do understand wanting this window of time to be longer. Feel free to add this suggestion to our Feature Request board, where other neighbors can vote and add their feedback as well.

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