Auto-muting alerts when you are at home

I currently have 3 ‘Canary’ security cameras and it my intention to replace them all with Ring devices. IOn my Canary I have a geofence set for my wife and I so when one or both of us arrive home, alerts from the 3 cameras are switched off. The same happens if both of us leave.

Having been delegated with the wired doorbell I have just bought an internal wired camera. The problem is I cannot stop it sending alerts when one of us passes in front of the camera (i.e it does not recognise that we are the owners so we are not intruders). Now I know we could both manually switch off and off alerts when we arrive and leave but I was expecting it to behave in the same way the Canary device works (ie automatically). (PS I have set Geofence on the Ring camera to pause the camera on arriving home, but this does not seem to work - and even if it did, I don’t want to ‘pause’ it, I want it off as long as one of us is home).

Have I missed something? If not I will return the camera and continue to use the Canary as this to me is a much have feature.


Hi @garyatmulberry. Ring devices can use the Modes feature. This enable you to control how Ring devices behave when in a specific Mode. You can learn more about the Modes feature here. You can also use the Snooze feature while at home. I hope this is helpful!

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