Auto lock all doors when arm the alarm to Home or Away mode.

I installed the Ring Alarm and have one Schlage lock which will trigger the away mode automatically which is very convenient. I am planning to install another keyless lock on my garage entrance door. It will be nice when I lock down one of these locks to trigger away mode, the system will lock other locks automatically. Or if I trigger the home mode on the bed, the system will also check and make all doors locked. Put it in a simple word: Auto lock all doors when the system is armed with Home or Away mode.


I agree Bowie I think this would be a great feature and I hope Ring implements something like this in the near future.

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I had this feature with ADT. It was nice and worked well. ??

+1 for this feature request!

Yes please enable this!!

Could not agree more. Just bought my first smart lock and I am very surprised to see this is not already a ring alarm feature.

Seems like a very obvious use case to me to want all of your doors to lock when putting the system in home or away mode.